MATKA.  100% Pure Silk
A very, very special fabric indeed
Difficult to obtain outside the best and most expensive design houses.
It is pure silk, heavy weight, but sexy matt finish texture that feels like liquid to the touch
Matka has been hand woven often in  the village home environment, the villagers working as a co-operative scheme. A slower process than factory looms, the finished base cloth is limited and takes a bit of time to complete but absolutely worth the wait.  It is beautiful
We have produced six colours and the yarns are then dyed with fixed dyes giving the finished look an interesting colour blend together with the complimentary embroidered designs which allows you to mix the design look in your home.   The work is always overseen by our India partner who has controlled the whole process
Perfect for curtains and Roman blinds. This gorgeous fabric is currently available in six colours plain and six colours embroidered in our own design
It is being offered to our customers at our 'trial' price of £40.00 per metre embroidered. £25 metre plain.
Note*Prices of silk yarn market fluctuates regularly, so our rates will be adjusted accordingly on each shipment
'Phone Direct: (00) (0) 7521125010
for any enquiries about fabrics on this page and also our specialist BESPOKE fabric service for Interior Designers, Textile Designers and businesses who would like something special to give them a truly unique appeal
FRANGIPANE 100% Cotton Duck
We have followed the process of this fabric from weaving to delivery. It all starts in the southern India state of Tamil Nadu where the heavy cotton duck was woven for us in a small local factory. Then moved on for dyeing (azos-free) in our six chosen colours before being transported to Bangalore for specialist hand machine embroidery in a beautiful crewel style by a small team of workers.  All this work is supervised by our India partner. The complex embroidery process has given the finished fabric a contemporary yet traditional look with simple but intricate design work, all right up to date and crafted with love and attention. Current offer price of £18.00 per metre is applied
All workers were well paid for their efforts and the base materials taken from natural sources
Duck Egg
Just Arrived!!  
Made for us by our linen producer in India
Stunning Linen herringbone fabric in five calming shades, perfect for today's lifestyle
Colours are: Pale Natural Stone
                       Ice Green
                       Graphite black
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